On Filtvet lighthouse - Gallery Filtvet Lighthouse - all agreements ready for the summer exhibition.

As many as five artists we can offer at this time:

  • Rolf Nerli will exhibit in "blue living north"
  • NANTI Bryn Hansen will be to find the "blue living south"
  • Dzewad Handzic will display their pictures in "side room" (the white room facing north)
  • Øyvind Jorfald occupy "security room" in 2nd floor.
  • Kari Bjørnsrud glass objects are finding a bit of everything.

The exhibition opens with vernissage inside the lighthouse on Saturday 20 June. 16:00. Then held it open in Gallery Filtvet Lighthouse until Sunday 9 August. In June it is open Friday to Sunday in July and August kept open Tuesday to Sunday.

All days are the opening hours at. 13:00 to 17:00.

"Wafer Pressa" Yesterday, the coffee is hot and cold mineral water in the refrigerator.

Welcome you shall be everyone!

Anne Valen Næss - Dzevad Handzic

Artgate Jessheim

Gotaas Alleen 9-11
08 May to 07 June

Dzevad Handzic artgate.no

Claude Monets all 24

April 2 to April 30

Mon - Fri: 10-17
Thursday: 10-18
Sat: 10-15